About Us

What We Do

Capital Mobil Dustless Blasting uses the latest state of the art technology in blasting that offers you the ability to save time and money. Our equipment uses a combination of crushed recycled bottled glass and water with our unique solution that allows you to provide a more efficient outcome compared to using standard sand or soda blasting. Dustless Blasting can be used in a wide range of industries including Automotive, Refinery, Marine, Graffiti Removal and much much more...

We are mobile

Yes that’s right, we will come to you. Our Dustless Blasting rig is designed come to your location and blast your items with ease. Our trailer is a mere 1.8m wide so we can squeeze into the tightest driveways and backyards! Where our trailer won’t reach, our 15m hose will. We don’t need 240V power as we have a diesel compressor on board to keep our Dustless Blaster in action. We will travel anywhere and have no boundaries.

Call us, we will come to you!

Why Choose Us?

Capital Mobil Dustless Blasting uses environmentally friendly recycled crushed glass. This glass is generally considered the best abrasive media for most wet blasting projects. Crushed Glass, also known as glass beads, is a wet blasting abrasive is made from 100% recycled glass. Crushed glass is a harmless abrasive that is recommended by professionals, to help you to produce the best possible project.