Our Services


Brick & Stone Restoration

Our blasting service is unmatched, and we can restore your sandstone and bring its natural, beautiful colour out again! Without properly handling sandstone, blasting can actually do more harm than good. We’ve got the experience and tools needed to help bring the natural beauty of your sandstone back to life after years of buildup of algae and other natural materials that warp and disfigure the stone, ruining its appearance.

Residential clean and restore

Cleans and restores any type of surface including stone, granite, tiles, marble, and even wood surface. If you need lead paint removed from a surface or if you’re re-painting the exterior wall of your home and want the old paint taken off, we can help streamline the process with fast, efficient paint removal service available in Canberra!

Car Sandblasting and Restoration Service

When you’re looking for effective blasting for all types of auto paint, whether you’re refurbishing a classic car or getting ready to put a new coat of paint on your everyday vehicle, choose us! We can assist in the restoration process by blasting away layers of paint without doing any damage to the vehicle itself. It takes a delicate touch to get things done right, and our sandblasting is perfect for any application that calls for safety and efficiency.

Removal of paint on houses and buildings

Our dustless blasting process removes just about any unwanted coating such as paint, render and any other house or building coating.

We offer a comprehensive house and building blasting service for complete houses, fences, buildings, brick work, stone work, timber and any other house or building substrate. This includes just tiny portions, individual walls or feature sections to entire houses or buildings.

Removal of paint on Car / Truck bodies and truck trays

Our dustless blasting process removes just about any unwanted coating such as paint, rust, bog, grease, even durable powder coating.

We offer a comprehensive automotive blasting service for complete cars or panels, trucks, chassis’, trailers, horse floats, wheels, bull bars, diffs, aluminum panels or tanks etc.

Pool Restoration

If you need swimming pool restoration in Canberra and surrounding areas, Capital Blasting has the perfect solution for you. We use the revolutionary Dustless Blasting system, which is a chemical free, environmentally friendly way to strip paint, rust, or grime from any surface. Our system is a great way to restore any Pool Shell or surrounding patio and pavers that are in need of cleaning or surface restoration. It is also used for Blasting whitewashed faux rocks around a swimming pool which may have deteriorated over the years. After many years of use of any concrete, stone pool or patio your surface starts to chip and flake and will need to be repainted or restored. We offer a unique dustless blasting process that is the best abrasive cleaning you can get for your surface.

We also restore your patio whether its flagstone, bluestone, pavers, concrete or brick, we restore it back to its original beauty and make it look like it was just done.

Industrial sand blasting and dustless blasting including Mine sites, Treatment plants, Machinery, Plant equipment

Dustless Blasting is excellent for a range of industrial uses - we work with small and large companies in all areas of heavy industry and machinery for cleaning, refurbishing, maintaining equipment and a range of other requirements

Structural Blasting for Integrity Inspections

Dustless blasting is the perfect tool for integrity inspections in a range of structural requirements including buildings, shipping, industrial, heavy machinery and equipment and many other areas.